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Added value for you to browse and gain valuable information from in your own time. Ranging from recommend books to previous masterclasses, use this area of learning at your leisure.

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CAN’T HURT ME by David Goggins

Written by former US Navy Seal, David Goggins is a man who epitomises what it means to perform at a peak level. For anyone who is interested in the limitless possibilities of your mind and body, this book will transform your thinking into what is humanly possible. I read this book in 2019 and it has been the biggest external factor in motivating me to run 10 x Ultra Marathons and 9 x Marathons in less than 36 months.


This book is a must. A must for anyone who is looking to broaden their perspective on life and gain insight into how powerful and capable the human mind really is. A real life memoir from a neurologist and psychiatrist regarding his experiences throughout the Holocaust, this book depicts a simple message that I think we can all learn from: You can take everything from me, but you can’t take my mind.

TALENT CODE by Daniel Coyle

Want to know how the peak performers have become so great? This book is revolutionary. You will understand how all talent can be harnessed, nurtured and grown to any level of performance you desire. Revealing real life stories and scientific evidence, this book is a game changer! If there has ever been a time you thought you didn’t have the ability or talent to do something, you need to read this book!

BRAIN FOOD by Dr. Lisa Mosconi

An extremely detailed and in depth look into how food affects your brain. This book is great for anyone who is fascinated by their nutrition and the effects certain foods have on your brain and bodily functions. Although a technical read in places, the author breaks down the information very well and explains concisely the importance of certain nutrients in your eating habits. The myth surrounding fats in your diet is revealed with intricate detail!

Other notable reads:

Rewire Your Anxious Brain - Catherine M. Pittman & Elizabeth M. Karle (link)

Born To Run - Christopher McDougall (link)

Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink & Leif Babin (link)

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