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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

An in depth look into how to live with purpose & m

eaning in life, how to build a successful career and how we may be able to help you.

What’s your purpose in life? What’s your meaning every day to get up and really make the most of the day?

Oftentimes someone’s ‘work’ or ‘job’ isn’t even thought of. Why? Because most of us are 'stuck' or are just aimlessly plodding along at our workplace, just waiting for 5pm, or if its a Friday, the weekend!

We do this 5 days a week, for about... 40 years. Think about it for a moment, something that you spend on average of 8 hours a day doing, 40 hours a week, roughly 240 days a year, and it holds no deep meaning or true purpose in your life.

We can often get caught up on the ‘treadmill of life’ when it comes to work, and find ourselves following the same dull routine just so we can ‘live for the weekend’.

This isn't a LIFE let alone PEAK PERFORMANCE.

In addition though, some of us find ourselves in a job or place of work that holds great meaning in our lives. We enjoy it, thrive off going to work, and are generally good

at it. However we know we can do more. Whether that is in our current place of work via a promotion or growth in a current role, or through that voice in our head that never shuts up that keeps reminding us that we aren't really living to our full potential.

See in life, we all have to work. But what is work to you?

Is work the stereotypical: get up, hop on the ‘treadmill of life’ and do the same mundane job that hasn't progressed for the past 10 years, go home, watch TV, have dinner, go to bed and then do it all over again? For 5/6 days a week? Every week.

Is that really what you want to define it as? Is that really even a life?

Or would you rather work be something that fills you up spiritually and emotionally.

Something that makes you forget about time because there is no alternative you would rather be doing.

Because your work life offers you so much joy, happiness and growth that you love being in that environment.

That 240 days a year, ISN‘T ENOUGH

This can be doing anything! Anything YOU want.

This is when we take the leap from work, to a career or purpose in life.

Whether that be raising children, becoming the owner of company, a professional sportsperson, a teacher, a lawyer or a nurse.


It all starts with a decision.

A decision can change your life.

The right decisions will lead you to a life of your dreams.



A way to get by in life. Feeling bored and not linked to any long term goals. Living for the weekend to escape the reality of work.



A positive reason to get up every day. A vision to achieve more. Living to pursue higher goals at work.



A true connection. A deep meaning that resonates with a greater purpose of why you do what you do. Living to constantly grow, become and give more.


​Most of us just live our lives in 'JOB' mode. A few of us choose to make something of our 'CAREER' hours and really optimise our time and try to pursue longer term ambitions. A small minority of us really live a purposeful life. A 'CALLING' where you are 'pulled' to work everyday, not 'pushed' or 'forced'.

How great would it be to awake everyday, filled with purpose and passion! In the morning you can't wait to attack the day and in the evenings it’s day you never want to end.

This isn't some fairytale, 'wish-upon-a-star' lifestyle, this is a lifestyle YOU CAN LIVE.

All you have to do is make the decision to GET STARTED.

Get started on what fuels you everyday.

The number 1 reason people DO NOT ultimately live a purposeful life, is quite simply, they never get started.

"I can't do it yet because of..."

"No, not yet, its just not the right timing..."

"But if I did, what would happen about..."

"What if it all goes wrong?"

Sound familiar? The reason I can list these so easily is I know full well from my own personal experience the stories we tell ourselves as to why we can't do something.

On countless occasions it has been because of this person, or because of that situation I didn't follow through. It is only with taking complete ownership and control of my mind, that I have been able to SHAPE my work and career into what it is ultimately my purpose in life.

For me it was a day of saying no more. I refuse to live a life that is anything less than what I know I truly desire. That doesn't mean being selfish and self centred, but taking control of what matters to me, none more so in my work/career life.

No-one is going to go and work for you, you're the one who has to do it. So why not do it doing something you love!

Yes, it can a risk at times!

Yes, it can be uncomfortable and you may be stepping into the unknown!

Yes, it may require a lot of effort at the start!

But isn't that where we truly start to live?

Aren't they the moments we remember? The times we look back on and say, "At the time I never thought I could do it, but look what I've achieved now".

We often sell ourselves short and don't give ourselves the credit we really deserve. If you look at your life now, I'm sure there is at least one thing you have achieved that fits the criteria above. A time when you may of been at risk or you made a decision that took you into the uncomfortable and unknown and it required a lot of effort at the start and you wasn't sure if you could do it or see it through.

Think now, and just mentally note it. Think of how you felt BEFORE you made the decision to commit... now think of where you are and what you learnt from that particular experience.

See, SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. All we have to do is open our eyes to them. I'm sure if you thought hard enough you could find a few more examples.

Whether it was hearing you were pregnant or you were getting relocated at work. Whether it was committing to a relationship or making that choice to change careers.

When we apply this principle to our work lives, our opportunities are endless.

The path we choose to walk down has now become the path we create.

The external situation you find yourself in RIGHT NOW is the PERFECT platform for you to GET STARTED in creating a work life filled with purpose. It is going to be unnerving at times, there is no doubt in that, that is why having support through family, friends, coaches and people who are about you are so powerful. Often we need someone to hold us accountable and to ensure we follow through. Ideally you want someone who has been there, done it themselves, that way, not only do you have a solid support network, but also a model to apply to your own life.


By now you may have had your breakthrough moment. The moment your energy is vibrant and the vibration in your body has heightened. Now is the time to act.


Just by getting started, you create momentum. Opportunities and possibilities start to open up and you will be filled with so much passion and energy, that you will wonder why it has taken you so long to act.


To begin to live your true passion in life, you can start right now.

Below is 4 simple questions you can use to guide you in creating momentum for yourself, leading to a life filled with passion, love and joy.


What do you really want?

Go into detail. Detail everything about what it is really is that is going to create a purpose for you in life. What are the intricate details that make this so special to you? How does it make you feel? What can you achieve from fulfilling this purpose? Really get detailed about this. This will create an energised vibration in your body that will lead to you WANTING TO TAKE ACTION.


•What is stopping you from doing it now?

What are the limiting beliefs you have in place for yourself as to why have not acted already? What is stopping you? Internal or external reasons, list them in detail.


•What new beliefs can you put in place and choose to live from to replace your old limiting ones?

eg - OLD: “I just don’t feel like I have the courage”

NEW: “I have shown many times that when I take a step out of my comfort zone, I surprise myself and excel beyond what I thought I could do.”

tip: repetition via affirmations and incantations is a great way to cement a new belief into your subconscious mind.


•What 3 things you can do from today to take you towards that vision?

Take action now. List 3 things you can do from this moment that propel you forward and begin on your path to living a life filled with passion and joy.


If you really want to take your life to the next level, you can arrange an FREE INITIAL CALL with me and we can discuss how I may be able to help you create a life on your terms.



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