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The Foundation of Peak Performance


Your body is merely an instrument of your mind. What your mind thinks, feels and attaches emotion to creates the physical action you apply with your body. Once you take that physical action with your body, your mind then thinks, feels and attaches emotion to that accordingly. It’s a never ending cycle and unfortunately, a cycle most people get caught up in everyday. This affects our outlook on life, our physical body's health and well-being, the quality of our relationships and the destination of our careers amongst other things.
What we need is a formula to be able to instantaneously change our state and get back on track.



Principle #1


The first principle to create the life you’ve always desired is to MOVE YOUR BODY. Apart from the obvious health benefits you gain from moving your body; your mind’s state, or mental outlook on situations, circumstances and internal reasoning is governed by how you move your body.
Think of it for a moment, have you ever had a really stressful day, you can’t think straight, you feel low on energy and tired mentally and can feel yourself getting more and more irritable by the second? Of course you have, we all have, but think now, how have you ever changed that?
I bet you’ve had a time when you’ve felt all of the emotions and feelings above, but then gone to the gym for example, had a real blast, got a good sweat on, absolutely smashed it, and come out feeling re-invigorated. You’re high on energy, your mental tiredness has subsided and you feel pumped both physically and mentally! Why is that? What changed?
Apart from the fact you’ve obviously changed your physical state from MOVING YOUR BODY, what that has done is created a shift in your mental state also. The stresses and worries you felt before are now manageable.

Why? Because the way you MOVE YOUR BODY governs HOW YOU FEEL and the EMOTIONS you experience.
Think of a time you were sad or depressed. How did you look? Head down, shoulders rounded and slumped over, zero energy, shallow breathing. How about when you felt happy and excited? How did that look? Head up, shoulders back and posture upright, high on life, breathing deeply, appreciative, in the moment. The way you move your body dictates how you feel, which dictates your emotion, and therefore your actions and behaviours. This is the link. This is how we see that, the way we MOVE, DIRECTLY AFFECTS how we achieve our highest goals.
By MOVING YOUR BODY, you are giving yourself a foundation to build upon to create the life you desire. With this as a basis, you are then able to SHAPE and CREATE your life to exactly what YOU desire.
NOTE: ‘MOVE‘ has been a specific term used as opposed to exercise, fitness or other generic terms as the importance of MOVING your body outweighs the need to exercise. Movement of your body differs with each individual. For someone it may be walking 2k, for others is may be completing a triathlon. For some it is Yoga, for others it’s gym. It is worth noting however, the higher the intensity (this doesn’t always mean physically intense), the greater levels of mental state change that occur, but this SHOULD NEVER be compared with anyone else. Your goals and your current physical state is all you need to focus on. If your moving, your laying the foundation. If you have laid the foundation, you’re ready to start to SHAPE your mind to CREATE a life on your terms.


Principle #2


The second principle needed to create the life you’ve always craved is to SHAPE YOUR MIND. You have laid the foundation to your (mental/mind) home, now it’s time to build your structure. SHAPE your mindset and outlook to the very thing you love, crave, desire and need. Focusing solely on shaping your mindset and outlook to meet your highest goals and outcomes, this principle is immensely important in creating the life you truly desire.
What do you currently believe? Think on it now. Maybe it’s that ‘you have to work hard in life to get what you want’, maybe it’s ‘when you get married all the fun stops’, and maybe it’s ‘life is a struggle, it’s a horrible world out there’.
Now think, where did these beliefs come from? How have they shaped the way you view the world? What EFFECT has it had on your current situation?

All behaviours, habits and beliefs have been LEARNED

Over the years, and ESPECIALLY IN YOUR EARLY YEARS AS A CHILD AND TEEN, whether through parents or guardians, teachers or coaches, you have subconsciously learnt patterns, behaviours and habits that have SHAPED YOUR MIND and altered your perception on life.
See the thing is, our subconscious mind never stops working, and it controls 95% of our living. So the everyday habits and behaviours you have, from getting up and brushing your teeth first thing, to the way you act in relationships have all been subconsciously learnt in your mind. In the bigger spectrum of life, this dramatically affects your relationships, career, social life and pretty much everything else in you life.

That is why you copy a particlular parent or guardians actions in how they act in a relationship, but have a completely different work ethic to what they do. You may have subconsciously seen success in their relationships when you were young, (so you accept that behaviour), but poor results in their work or career, (so you have rejected that behaviour).
If you think of your life now, and if you're honest with yourself, there will be a pattern you have adopted or neglected from your Mum or Dad, guardian, close relative or friend. That may stem from a self talk perspective, an outlook on a life situation, a relationship trait, or even just social aspect. Even though it may not be the best of traits, we often believe there is not much we can do about it and just move past it with a phrase along the lines of 'that's just who I am'.
But it's not who you are. It's who you have unwittingly learnt to become.
With this knowledge, don’t you think it’s time you took control and start to SHAPE YOUR MIND to how you want it? Some of you may already have, and that’s great. The beautiful thing is, we are always growing mentally, so we’re constantly SHAPING OUR MINDS.

Whether we like to admit it or not, our minds are designed to constantly grow. Constantly push for more. Have you ever achieved a goal, and you were so proud and happy, ecstatic and emotional!... then a week or month later, you’ve lost that emotional charge and it doesn't seem like the far fetched dream it once was?
That’s because grown mentally, you’ve become more, you’ve expanded your mental capacity and the ‘limitations’ that were previously set upon it. We’re designed to grow. And that includes mentally. Once we reach a goal, mentally or physically, were ready to go again. This is the true cycle of life!
If on this path to achievement, you are not CONSTANTLY and ACTIVELY SHAPING YOUR MIND, and CHOOSING to live from your perspective of what YOU WANT, you become like many, a disciple of the outside world. And in many times, you end up ‘getting caught up in it’.
The most common times we do end up getting ‘caught up in it’, are in our MINDSET OUTLOOK, our RELATIONSHIPS and our CAREER. YOU MUST you take control of these internally, otherwise you will find it extremely difficult to be truly happy.

Take ownership to really SHAPE YOUR MIND and live from the perspective of your true self and how you want to see and live life, and you will become more fulfilled than you have ever been leading to life you truly desire.


Principle #3


Your foundations have been laid, your structure has been built, now it’s time to design!

CREATE YOUR LIFE is the final principle needed to create the life you envision. Creating a plan, a purpose, direction of how you’re gonna use all the tools at your disposal to live your happiest, most fulfilled life.
You’ve created an unstoppable machine; a vehicle built for success, but unless you get in and actually direct where that it going, it will all be useless. You know that saying ‘Knowledge is Power’? Absolutely rubbish.

Applied Knowledge

is Power

How many times have you shown someone something, or someone has asked you a question and you didn’t know it, but immediately after they told you the answer, you have said “Oh yeah, I knew that”!! We’ve all done this, thousands of times. This goes to show, KNOWLEDGE IS NOT POWER... APPLIED KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Don’t be in this situation when it comes to life. You’ve got the knowledge, apply it to your life. Apply it to your situation. Your RELATIONSHIP, CAREER, BUSINESS, SELF IMAGE, whatever it is. APPLY and CREATE. Don’t be in a situation where your goal slips by, you’re at rock bottom, and you’re saying them famous lines “oh yeah, I knew how to do that/should of done that”.
You’re life will flourish, you will not recognise where you are currently.
Apply these 3 principles to your life and it will never be the same.
And the best part....we can keep on going! There is no finish line, we determine where our limits are, we determine how much we CREATE, we can allow ourselves to become whatever it is we desire.


MOVE. SHAPE. CREATE is the core principle of MADE IN THE MIND. We coach these strategies across all of our coaching and training programs leading to great results for those we work with.
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