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Below you will find frequently asked Q&A's and previous LIVE Q&A sessions we have held during the programme.

Here is your Q&A's.

Use this page to refer to any possible concerns you may have during the

8 Week programme.

Below you will find recorded Q&A sessions from this and previous online

programmes and also frequently asked Q&A's regarding all area's to do with

your life, mindset and structure of the programme.

Please click to view below:

Previous Q&A Sessions & Training Videos:

  • 8 WEEK PEAK PERFORMANCE PROGRAMME - Pre-Programme Start Up Call


What time is each LIVE Coaching session?

Every coaching session we hold during this programme will be on a Monday evening at 6pm GMT.

Will I recieve a ZOOM Link?

Your ZOOM link will remain the same for the duration of the programme, this was emailed to you in your pre-programme information pack. ZOOM links will also be sent before every session.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Like everything, an open mind and willingness to commit will always be a great starting point. This programme has been created to act as a working action plan for you. So, application of the principles we cover will also be pivotal in your success!



What will the Physical Workout Plan look like?

The plan has been constructed so there are 3 options available: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. Depending on your experience levels and physical training abilities, you can choose the plan that is best suited to you via our app. You can access this on the Physical Workout Plan page. This will not be compulsory, it has been created for you to use at your choosing.

What is the most important factor in succeeding in this programme?

Showing up. Showing up to LIVE coaching sessions, showing up for yourself and following through on action plans. Showing up daily in the areas of your life that matter most will ultimately prove to be the key ingredient.

More to follow...

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